Fans are machined powered electronically, mechanically, and otherwise used to creating flow within air (gas) or fluid. They are typically used as cooling systems for residential use and industrial and commercial uses.

Fans work by converting electrical energy (ceiling fan) to mechanical energy. Did you know that leaving the fan on in a room does nothing for the temperature of the room? It only works because it’s moving air against your skin, thereby helping to reduce your body temperature. This is why it is advised that you turn off the fan in a room before you leave because leaving it on is just basically wasting energy.

It can either be located inside a piece of electronic equipment to constantly cool it or outside to produce cool air for the environment. Depending on how long you've had your fan, ceiling fan or one inside a machine, it has probably served its purpose, and you're thinking of changing it.

ANC Metals offers fan removal services to customers who are either changing their old fans to a new one or just revamping their area. If you live within the San Jose area, we are available from 7 am to 7 pm daily, so all you need to do is book an appointment for pick up.