A furnace is simply is the environment or mechanism where heat is is generated or produced, and then transported to your central heating system. After this, the heat is distributed around your building or home to help keep your environment warm and cozy.

A heater is just a general term used when referring to a device that generally heats up a home, office, or any kind of building.

The major difference between a heater, a boiler, and a furnace is that a furnace uses warm air or expels heated air, a boiler uses the hot water mechanism to heat up your building or home, while a heater is just a fancy term for a device that heats up the environment.

Energy and heat can be recycled, making the best decision for your heater and furnace removal is the right thing to do.

ANC Metal, in addition to its scrap metal removal service in Santa Clara, also offers heated and furnace removal services around the South Bay Area.