Amongst common recyclable items are metal appliances. Metal appliances are often used in residential homes and commercial environments. It is common to want to change out your old appliances for new ones after a period of time. It is a common rule that appliances which are valuable are often made up of metals and less of hazardous elements.

There are so many reasons why metal appliances should be properly hauled, transported, recycled. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Most air conditioners and refrigerators offer fluorocarbon properties, as this is the mechanism that is used to cool air in both types of appliances. It is also generally known that CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) are a major factor contributing to the ozone layer depletion. If a refrigerator is not properly hauled or recycled, the fluorocarbon will be expelled in the air, but with properly recycling, it will follow due process.
  2. A large percentage of appliances manufactured are made of steel, and this metal is one of the most recycled globally. A good way to keep the earth green and maintain the environment is by recycling and properly hauling steel. This way it can be reused or made into something else.

ANC Metal offers to recycle and to haul services to clients who require it, especially for those who live in the South Bay Area (San Jose and its environs).

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